Tattoo behind the ear: templates and ideas for a unique WOW effect

If you want to be stung, you are probably looking for tattoo designs. Before you choose the tattoo design, you must determine the place of tattooing. Some people are downright fans of big, eye-catching tattoos that catch the first glimpse. Such people often choose the shoulder, the whole arm, the back or the leg. For these places, larger tattoos motives and ideas are popular. But there is another group of people who prefer a small, delicate, unobtrusive tattoo. If you belong to this group, stick to this article because we give you the cool Tattoo behind the ear want to present.

Beautiful tattoo behind the ear - love letter with heart

women's tattoo ear tattoos writings

Tattoo designs and patterns behind the ear are usually funny or delicate symbols. These include star, flower, heart, arrow, anchor, feather, small animal or fish patterns. They are tattooed masterfully and look very coquettish and attractive. But we have to be completely honest with you! Getting a tattoo behind your ear can be painful.

It is because the skin on this part of the body is very sensitive and gentle. Therefore, imagine in advance that the beauty takes its victims. Find a studio where you can get a professionally made tattoo. When you finish, keep it very carefully. This means you should not use soap or shampoo for about a week. In addition, do not expose your body jewelry to sunshine! This can additionally infect the wound. But best of all, get advice from the specialists at the Tattoo Studio. They will give you the corresponding information.

Here you will find inspirational photos with cool patterns and designs for tattoos behind the ear. Have fun watching the photos!

Disney tattoo

disney tattoo behind ear

 Tattoo behind the ear - spring

feather tattoo behind ear tattoos

 Small fish

fish tattoo behind ear

 Delicate floral pattern

women's tattoo behind ear flower pattern

 Spring pattern

women's tattoo behind ear colorful feather

 Hello Kitty

tattoo behind the ear hello kitty

 Gentle heart

women's tattoo behind ear heart

 Beautiful rose

women's tattoo behind ear rose

 Women tattoos

women's tattoo behind ear sweet

Nice tattoo designs for the ear

celtic tattoo ear tattoos

 Funny ideas for tattoo

tattoo ear cool tattoos

 Stylish and attractive

tattoo ear cool tattoos rose

  Tattoo motifs

women tattoo ear tattoos great

 Happy frog

frog tattoo behind ear tattoos

 Paisley tattoo behind the ear

paisley tattoo behind ear

 Red bow

loop tattoo behind ear tattoos

 Two stars

beautiful tattoo ear tattoos

Anchor tattoo

tattoo behind ear tattoos

Female tattoo motives

star tattoo behind ear tattoos

Diamond motif

tattoo behind ear diamond pattern

Beautiful flower

tattoo behind ear tattoos flower


tattoo behind ear motifs cross

Peacock pattern

tattoo behind ear tattoos motifs peacock

"Let it be"

tattoo behind ear tattoos writings

Tattoo sayings behind the ear

tattoo behind ear tattoos writings


tattoo behind ear writings love

Yellow fish

tattoo ear tattoos designs fish

Elephant pattern

tattoo ear tattoos women elephant

Earring made of feathers

tattoos ideas tattoo behind ear


tattoo tattoo behind ear crescent motif

Unique tattoo design for women

tattoo tattoo ear blue heart

Little Owl

tattoo tattoo ear owl motif


tattoo tattoo ear symbols

Tattoo designs for men

tattoos ideas tattoo behind the ear 2 feather

Cheetah pattern

tattoos ideas tattoo behind the ear 3 cheek

Three birds

tattoos ideas tattoo behind the ear 3 birds

Original ideas for tattoos

tattoos ideas tattoo behind the ear owl

Cross with hearts

great tattoo ideas tattoo behind the ear heart cross

Horn pattern

tattoos ideas tattoo behind the ear horn

Camera behind the ear have

tattoos ideas tattoo behind the ear of camera

Fan with springs

tattoos ideas tattoo behind the ear fan

Get Peter Pan tattooed

tattoos ideas tattoo behind the ear peter pan

Full of color

tattoos ideas tattoo behind the ear peacock feather

For the music fans

tattoos ideas tattoo ear musical

Arrow tattoo

great tattoo ideas tattoo ear arrow

Tribal tattoo

tribal tattoo ear tattoos

Discreet and chic at the same time

beautiful tattoo ear tattoos motifs

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