Creative living ideas for a dream home – 30 examples

furnishing ideas dining room dining room swing dining room chairs

Creative living ideas and designer proposals that will give your home a special touch

What does your dream home look like? And are you determined to realize your ideas? Here are 30 examples of creative living ideas that will inspire you to make your dreams come true. Yes, your home deserves to look the way you imagine and you deserve to make your craziest ideas come to fruition.

A swing in the middle of the living room instead of an ordinary living room sofa

roof room swing shadow play creative living ideas cozy

How would you like to change your home? Make room for your quirky ideas and make them come true. Take a look around. Do you notice something that you do not like, as if this "insignificant trifle" has your eyes out. Is the room too small, the ceiling too high, the corridor too narrow and dark? Is there too little natural light in the interior? Do you need more storage space or just do not feel like going up and down all these stairs? We understand you and want to encourage you to let your creativity run wild.

Turn any defect into an effect!

roof room net creative living ideas cozy reading corner in the air

Here is a cozy reading corner in the air designed in the stairwell. A clever idea, right?

roof room net creative living ideas cozy reading corner staircase space saving

 Stairs, stairs, stairs ... How fun would a slide be ?! This one has a shiny silver finish that refreshes the living room interior enormously

living room living room set up slide silver sofa

The dream house of all children. Here we go!

living ideas living room set up slide silver children slides stairs

 Did you dream of a tree house as a child? But you have no garden. This is not a problem!

furnishing ideas living room ceiling ship house

 Take advantage of the height of the room and build a wooden house with a rope bridge

interior design living room ceiling ship house bridge wood

The beach is far away and you have a lot to do?

workplace furnishing ideas sand floor beach feeling

A sandbox under the desk could be the solution for you. Why not?!

workplace furnishing ideas sand floor beach feeling desk

Another idea with sand, but this time outside

outdoor area garden ideas sand fireplace creative living ideas cozy

 Garden house that suits your needs - as a study or here as a home library

outdoor area courtyard garden ideas garden shed

Outdoor summer cinema. Here you will find several ideas for your outdoor area

outdoor area garden ideas home cinema creative living ideas cozy

Do you have a pet? Make a tunnel for your cat

outdoor area terrace cat tunnel pet

Build a special facility for your cat

creative home ideas original exceptional cat tube workplace

 What an extraordinary job

creative home ideas original exceptional tube workplace

Entrance door made of colored glass stones in the play with the light

Entrance door Garby mosaic shadow play creative home interior staircase

Courtyard with lots of natural light and plants. Place your dining area there

dining room patio interior creative living ideas cozy

Drawers under the stairs

Extra storage space Creative home interior staircase drawers

If you like to play billiards, then you need a dining table, which turns into a pool table

dining table wood billiard table creative living ideas playing billiards

Or you prefer to play table tennis? The principle is the same

creative ideas kitchen kitchen ideas kitchen island table tennis

Wall with fresh spices in the kitchen

creative home decor kitchen kitchen ideas spices fresh shelf

What is this glass on the floor in the kitchen? She is the door to the wine cellar underneath

creative home ideas kitchen kitchen ideas floor wine cellar

Wine cellar built into the ground with elegant transparent glass pane

creative home decor kitchen ideas built in wine cellar

Glass is a noble material that you can do a lot with. This is what a decorative fireplace can look like - just great, right?

Creative living ideas living room fireplace glass glass wall

Shadow play - Where there is light, there is also shadow

chandelier shadow play creative home decor original

Creative living ideas for the nursery

creative living ideas kids room set up wallgestaptumg wallpapers

Another idea that you could realize in the staircase

house library creative living ideas wood books stairs

Large house library built into the stairwell - space-saving idea for book lovers

house library creative living ideas wooden bookshelves in the stairwell

Do not give up the stairwell, but build a children's slide next to it for your offspring

staircase wood chute shadow play creative living ideas playful

Skateboard ramp at home

skate ramp home living ideas cozy

Run your hobby in your living room

skate ramp home living ideas cozy hobby ideas

Transparent bathtub

furnishing ideas bathroom glass bathtub transparent

Glass floor

interior design bathroom glass floor tunnel

Custom-made aquarium in the bedroom

furnishing ideas bedroom bed aquarium

 House building with funny architecture

Modern architecture building house facade

This hotel offers a private pool on the terrace

pool terrace design ideas creative living ideas

Could you maybe turn your own terrace into a pool? That would be a refreshing idea

pool terrace design ideas creative living seascape

We're not sure what that is exactly, but these icicles are really pretty

furnishing ideas living ideas creative

Hopefully, you will feel inspired and have many new ideas. Now it is your turn. Which idea would you like to realize? We wish you a lot of fun! And do not forget - your apartment is your castle. Feel well there!

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