Make garden decoration yourself – colorful DIY garden ideas

Garden decoration exotic itself make dining table

Warm weather, clear skies and sunny days attract you to the outdoors. And if you want to spend your free time in the fresh air, make for a practical and attractive garden design. Here is the answer to the question of how to make a magnificent Make garden decoration yourself can ...
How big is your outdoor area?

Extensive or small? How much money can you spend on this project? Use best available materials! No green space? Do not worry! From backyards and terraces to patios and verandas, our thematic tips make any outdoor area look adorable. Take a look at our photo gallery and see for yourself!

Make garden decoration yourself

rattan wrapped garden deco white

Give your outdoor area a fresh look by clinging to a monochromatic color palette. Create a dazzling effect with saturated shades of color. Choose garden accessories such as round rattan coffee table, umbrella and folding chairs, which are available in gray and white colors.

Tropical ambience

tropical-ambiente-sitting area-hammock

Do you want to create a great, happy touch in your garden? Put on the colorful accents! Each outdoor area turns into a colorful oasis with some striking throw pillows in vibrant colors, modern imprints, stripes and attractive floral patterns.

Natural charm

dinette dining table chairs fireplace friends party

Do you have more space? How do you find an open space without walls? Design a private, secluded relaxation corner where you and your friends can enjoy themselves. Add a large wicker sofa, a freestanding parasol, and a decorative fire pit.

Sunny delight

Garden decor itself make sofa comfortable

Do you dream of a relaxation corner, where you can read quietly or relax properly? Her main accent here is the sofa - decorate thematically. A traditional rattan couch instantly becomes a colorful sitting area, complete with cushions and festive glass lanterns.

Design in country style

Garden decoration itself make family meal

When it comes to the dining area in the garden, everything goes well with it! But adding a special touch to the outdoor area at the weekend can separate you from everyday life. Place the dining table with the chairs directly on the green area, as far away as possible from the house. This will certainly make your meal more enjoyable and peculiar.

Worthy red

Garden decoration itself make hanging lamp dining table

Do you want to add a modern, value-for-money effect instead of doing a whole redesign in the garden? Put on the decorative elements that strategically enliven the whole dinette ..

Sitting in the shade

Garden decoration itself make dining table trees

Variety of colors on the table

Garden decor itself make dining chairs

Exotic hammock

Garden decor itself make hammock

Hollywood swing on the porch

Garden decoration itself make construction white

Colorful lanterns over the sitting area

Garden decor itself make ball colorful lighting

Vintage Seating Area - Metal Furniture Set

Garden decoration itself make metal folding chairs

Garden furniture set of rattan

Garden decor itself make rattan furniture set

Remarkable color scheme

Garden decor itself make red purple pink colors

Designer armchair wrapped in yarn

Garden decor itself make armchair metal orange blue

In the Mediterranean style

Garden decoration itself make sun idea

Under the parasol

Garden decor itself make parasol colorful

Rustic atmosphere

Garden decoration itself make canopy

Traditional dinette outdoor - folding furniture

Garden decor itself make vintage rustic colorful

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