Hairstyles for round faces – the advice of experts

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Which are the right hairstyles for round faces?

Do you count to the people with round face? We have some tips and suggestions for you which hairstyle will best suit your face shape. So take a look at our photo spread of Hairstyles for round faces and maybe you will find your new haircut underneath.

Determine your face shape

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What does "the right hairstyle" mean for any face shape? The most important thing is that the haircut shows off your best facial features. This means that the hairstyle should either conceal your facial contours or on the contrary - emphasize.

With the round face shape, the facial contours are best concealed

Facials facial hairstyles for round faces

With a round face shape, the hairdressers advise a haircut that visually lengthens the face. This will make your face look smaller. Updo hairstyles and long haircuts are recommended and hairstyles with straight cut pony should rather be avoided. Remember these simple rules the next time you go to the hairdresser. Long smooth or wavy hair contributes to the optical illusion. Asymmetrical haircuts in fringe look are also among the typical Hairstyles for round faces. A strand of hair or a raised bun will also visually stretch your face, as well as a middle or side apex.

Short haircut in fringe look with side parting

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Find your favorite look and choose the matching accessories and you will shine on every occasion.

Below you will find out which earrings and necklaces you should use if you want to create a perfect harmonious look.

Earrings that visually lengthen the round face

Facial hairstyles for round faces matching earrings accessories

And matching necklaces

Facial hairstyles for round faces matching chains accessories

Smooth long hair in the current Ombré style and with center parting

hairstyles for long hair haasar hairs round faces

Volume at the top of the head

hairstyles for round faces face optich stretch

The side pony leaves the face free

updo hairstyles for round faces face optich stretch long hair

Target: emphasize the face length and conceal the width

hairstyles for round faces face optically stretch side-vertex

Strands of hair visually stretch the round face

hairstyles for round faces short hair bob fringe look

Updo with fringes that play around the face

hairstyles for round faces haircut ideas

The face releasing hairstyle

hairstyles for round faces optically extend

A straight cut pony is not for every face shape

hairstyles for round-faced facial features updo bangs

Updo and side pony

updo facial features facial hairstyles for round faces