Make a small balcony – Invite the summer to yourself

small balcony design folding chairs plant

Creating a small balcony - Tips for matching balcony furniture

The terraces in townhouses are modest oases, which in many cases look almost like small but magnificent gardens. You can wonderfully replace the colorful outdoor planting outdoors. If you are great yours small Framing the balcony, In the summer you would better enjoy your coffee on the balcony.

This balcony evokes a feeling of freshness

small balcony make comfortable balcony furniture

Create a recreational oasis

small balcony create a small oasis

Plants, rattan furniture and throw pillows

small balcony design stylish wood tiles balcony furniture

Make the small balcony unique through inspiring balcony furniture

balcony ideas small balcony pallet furniture balcony furniture carpet runner

Rustic balcony table

small balcony carpet runner rustic table

The design

The beautiful plants on the terrace can also represent a salvation in front of the city heat. But without the right furniture, we can hardly enjoy it. There are many small and foldable models that are practical and can spice up the room wonderful.

Small balcony in blue shades

balcony ideas wood tiles light blue flower pots seat cushions

Fresh balcony furniture in light blue

balcony ideas small balcony carpet runner

The shapes are different and make a big difference on such small surfaces. The square tables can easily be placed against the wall. But the rounds make the ambience look much more romantic.


We would advise you to choose foldable furniture for the balcony in all cases. This is very convenient for several reasons. First, you could have more space for other uses as well as care for your plants. Also, you can easily bring in the valuable furniture made of beautiful materials in inclement weather. So you can keep it easier. In winter, you can also easily find a place for the furniture in the basement or at another storage location.

Small cozy balcony

small balcony frame blue balcony furniture


Of course, the materials are also important. As a rule, you can actually make any surface weatherproof by certain treatment. So you can also use metal or wood, if that suits your taste more. But it is important that you also process these with special paints or colors so that you can use them for a long time. Due to the easy care, the synthetic materials are preferred the most. The PVC furniture is the most popular choice in this regard. They have a very modern design and it goes well with the modern interior and exterior.

Wooden furniture and wooden floor combine

small garden stylish balcony furniture wooden floor

Make the small balcony elegant

balcony ideas small balcony white side tables wooden floor

Make yourself comfortable

balcony ideas small balcony carpet runner plants

Folding balcony table saves a lot of space

small balcony design fresh comfortable wood

Nice vintage look

small balcony shape round balcony table throw pillow

Fancy wall decoration can spice up the balcony

small balcony shape small round balcony balcony furniture

Balcony with rich plants

Small balcony shape rich planting

Place comfortable recliners on the balcony

small balcony design ideas rustic look

Put a bench on the balcony where you can enjoy long hours the beautiful weather

small balcony design small table wood tiles plants

Black and white stripes

small balcony design white black stripes

Cozy ambience

small balcony design ideas wooden floor balcony furniture

Blue seat cushions

small balcony wooden bench blue seat cushions

The small balcony rustic

small balcony ideas rustic balcony table throw pillow

Stylish rattan furniture

small balcony rattan furniture lausgafallener balcony table rustic side table plants

Balcony design in gray

small balcony light up sofa gray carpet

A parasol can be useful in summer

balcony ideas small balcony balcony furniture parasol

Furnish the balcony in vintage style

balcony ideas small balcony vintage balcony furniture

So many plants ...

small balcony shape ideas colored fresh somber mood

Color and freshness on the balcony

small balcony shape small garden

Unique design

little balcony shape ideas stool plants

Arrange several flowerpots next to each other

Small balcony shape plants mood

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