Ceilings – Choose the best among the several solutions

interior design ideas living room beamed scandinavian design

Ceilings - Ideas on how to make the ceiling

What immediately catches your eye when entering a room? A fancy chair, the carpet or the walls maybe? And are you even looking up at the ceiling? When designing a room, you give the ceiling, to be honest, not enough attention.

But in our article we do that and do that ceilings to the main topic of today's contribution.

Suspended ceiling in the living room

interior design ideas living room suspended ceiling ceiling lighting stark accents

Paint the ceiling in the nursery and paint

interior design ideas nursery fancy blanket carpet

Actually, one has to choose among several ways how to make the ceiling. We take a few of these in-depth and hope you find some inspiration on how to design the ceilings in your home.

Color the ceiling

If you want to give the interior design a little more character, you can paint the ceiling in a stark color, so that they are clearly separated from the walls. In this way, one also creates beautiful contrasts in the room and emphasizes the individual elements in the interior design.

Bathroom with black ceiling and white wall tiles

interior design ideas bathroom black ceiling white wall tiles

A colored blanket peps up the dining room

interior design ideas dining room green ceiling pendant lights

The ceiling in this living room immediately attracts attention

ceilings living room green coffered ceiling colored throw pillows

Kitchen with fancy ceiling

ceilings kitchen colored ceiling crest accents

 Golden ceiling in the dining room

ceiling dinning room design chandelier golden ceiling plant

 Dining room with light blue ceiling

interior design ideas dining room light blue blanket carpet

Fresh green ceiling in the kitchen with built-in ceiling lights

interior design ideas kitchen green blanket white kitchen island

Suspended ceilings

The suspended ceilings are attractive, giving the room an original look. Suspended ceilings are quite good if you want to put on efficient ceiling lighting. The LED lights remain invisible, but the light is reflected and distributed in this way throughout the room.

 Luxurious living room with ceiling lighting

ceilings ceiling living room suspended ceiling led lighting

Suspended ceiling in the bedroom

ceilings ceiling luxury interior design suspended ceiling

coffered ceiling

 The coffered ceiling is an interesting decision on how to make the ceiling. This ceiling is characterized by a characteristic intersection of beams or ribs, resulting in a uniform optical distribution. Through a coffered ceiling you insert a beautiful interior element into every room. Whether classical or modern, coffered ceilings give the room an individual touch.

Black coffered ceiling in the living room

interior design ideas coffered ceiling living room beige carpet

A fancy chandelier hangs from the coffered ceiling in the dining room 

interior design ideas dining room coffered ceiling pictures

Make the ceiling look attractive in the living room

interior design ideas living room coffered side table


wooden ceiling

A wooden ceiling brings a fresh touch to the room and it makes you feel closer to nature. In addition, it brings in this way a sense of coziness in the home. Often these are combined with other wooden elements, creating a harmonious interior design.

The wooden ceiling and the lampshade texture can be combined well with each other

interior design ideas living room ceiling pendant lights white sofas

Design the bedroom with a wooden ceiling

ceilings ceiling rafter natural color bright wall paint

Wooden ceiling with built-in lights

interior design ideas living room wooden ceiling fireplace

beamed ceiling

A beamed ceiling gives the room a rustic look. With wooden beams you can design the ceiling in every room. Especially in interior designs in rural style, this is wonderful, but not only. In any case, beamed ceilings look wonderful in combination with a wooden floor.

Combine wooden beams with wooden shelves, wooden table and wooden floor

ceilings kitchen beamed ceiling country style wooden floor open shelves

Wood makes the interior design more comfortable

ceilings kitchen rafter ceiling industrial elements

Color contrasts in the kitchen

interior design ideas kitchen white walls darker floor

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