Cool shelving systems and bookshelves breathe life into the interior

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2o shelving systems and bookshelves that fascinate

For those who enjoy reading, books are more than reading stories. Even though the pace of technological advances has increased the opportunities for reading, many folks are holding on to the traditional sources of information - the good old books.

In the bookworm flats, books turn into great accessories. Especially if these are arranged on fancy bookshelves ...

Give the ambiance a fresh touch with unusual pieces of furniture

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Electronic books do not particularly seduce such inquisitive people, they can not be exhibited anywhere. For the reader who wants to organize your books in an interesting way, this picture gallery of unusual bookshelves and shelving systems is an interesting interior solution for the home. Take a look!

You can change the location of a shelf system via rack

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Aesthetics and extravagance in one

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Anyone who likes to read books also needs enough space to keep them. The designers give an abundance of possibilities how to put this into practice. Wall shelves and shelving systems have never been as creative as they are today. Minimalist, rustic, industrial ... Modern shelves exist in every style. Some are illuminated, others are particularly compact. You can choose painted rustic branches or tubes as shelves. Besides, there are other strange models, which occur in many forms. One should only feel which model is right for its interior design. And integrate this in the best possible way in the room. The original ideas are numerous ...

Shelving system of tubes gives the ambience an industrial look

shelf systems tube unusual design brick wall

A shelving system that looks like Libra

bookshelves unusual design scales

A design with which boredom has been sold

shelving systems lively design furniture

Is not that a creative idea ?!

bookshelves auspallene ideas simple industrial look

Cool lit shelving system

shelving systems illuminated design books flower

The integration of strange shelving systems into the interior also brings with it other extravagant interior solutions. So one often decides to combine the curious shelving system with a cool armchair or coffee table.

 Design the living room with a huge shelf wall

bookshelves shelf system living room decoration vases

Wall shelves and shelving systems can thus be an important element in interior design. The space that the walls represent as a storage space can therefore be used creatively and meaningfully. Turn your walls into a unique scene, giving your imagination free rein! Do not be sparing with the wall design!

This shelving system gives the room originality and a cool look

bookshelves unfinished shelf system brick wall

Does this design create a sense of chaos in you or more of a fascination? 

bookshelves design livingroom red furniture

Shelving system in the style of a labyrinth

bookcases maze design beautiful living ideas

Gentle lines and a modern look

bookshelves white gentle lines fancy wall shelves

This model also has a great seating

shelving systems unusual design seating

Is this a shelving system or a decoration actually?

shelving unusual design red living room

Set up the boy's room with a cool wall shelf

bookshelves cool design boy's room frame

Teacups in the form of shelves make the interior funnier

shelving creative teacups books

Apply your creative ideas for wall decoration

bookshelves wall shelves beautiful living ideas deco ideas

At first glance, it seems that the books are just floating in the air!

bookshelves creative home decorating books wall