Tinker nicholas gifts- 33 DIY and inspiring examples of the feast day

How dull would this world be if you stopped telling fantastic stories from mouth to mouth and transmitting them from generation to generation ... How about if you had no dreams, no hopes, and if you did not cultivate customs and traditions?

Presumably no one wants to imagine such a world and such a life without magic and magic. Therefore, we should continue to tell our stories and also believe in miracles.

Small niceties that bring joy - these are the gifts of St. Nicholas

nicolaus gifts tinker teacup

Exactly a miracle is our topic today, which is an important part of the long and contemplative Advent season. On the night of the 6th of December, immediately after the first Advent, many children like to stay awake, clean their boots and put them out by the front door. According to legend, Nicholas appears on this magical night, leaving small gifts and sweets in shoes and boots.

Pack gifts patiently and unpack impatiently - so are the festivals

nicolaus gifts tinker gift ideas

Hard-wearing children's shoes get a big reward

nicolaus gifts tinkering surprise

Were you good?

Only the species get a small gift, say the stories and who finds his shoes empty on the morning of 06th December, can even draw the conclusions.

Today's grown-ups, who used to be kids and eventually found out who put Santa's presents in their shoes, keep the secret for themselves and carry on the sympathetic tradition with the remarkable educational effect.

Oatmeal is a favorite with both Santa Claus and Santa, everyone knows that

nicholas gifts tinker oatmeal

Grandma's Christmas cookies with frosting- no wonder everyone likes Christmas

nicolaus gifts tinker donkey

Maintaining traditions and telling stories

On St. Nicholas Day songs are sung and poems are foretold, which the children learn with joy and later pass on to their children. Anyone who has been diligent enough will receive little things from Santa Claus at the beginning of winter in the form of new gloves, caps, socks, homemade cookies, knit dolls and whatever else the children's heart desires. If you still want to tinker gifts of St. Nicholas, we get from many DIY ideas and inspiring examples of it, the St. Nicholas Day even more festive and richer in gift ideas.

Small and fine - a beautiful packaging and the gift is perfect

nicolaus gifts tinker little things joy

Name badges make each gift more personal and beautiful

nicholas gifts tinker with caption

What can be tinkered? The lovingly packaged gifts is undoubtedly a crafting act, to which one devotes his time and attention. Small gifts give great joy when you have prepared them yourself and with much love. Cookies, dried fruit and nuts should also be left in the name of St. Nicholas, because what comes from St. Nicholas is automatically good for the child!

Through scents and spices you practice your sense of smell, so they are gladly given away in the run-up to Christmas

tiara gifts tinker spices

Some just love the Christmas season because of the roasted nuts 

nicolaus gifts tinker diy ideas

If Nicholas presents, he does so generously 

nicolaus gifts nikolaeuse impressions

Speculoos biscuits belong to the old tradition and taste fantastic in their original form

nicholas gifts spekulatius biscuits

Tinker gifts and packaging also works perfectly on the last push

tiara cats tinker cats

nicolaus gifts tinker delicious and healthy

Gifts for adults who can hardly rest without support

nicolaus gifts tinker lovingly

Regrettably, playing games is becoming increasingly forgotten 

tinker nicholas gifts do not trouble yourself

Making fruit juices and jellies yourself is often faster than getting gifts in the city 

nicolaus gifts tinker with love

If you give away food, think of the important little things like spoons, for example

nicolaus gifts tinker with spoon

Drawing blocks and crayons are a delightful gift idea in addition to sweets

nicolaus gifts tinker for the boots

The packaging of gifts is just as important as their content

tinker sweets

Atmospheric and in harmony with the Christmas season 

nicholas gifts tinker fir-tree teabag

A foosball table is always good to use 

nikolausgeschenke tinker minikroekeltisch

One comes to surprisingly good results by tinkering with toilet paper rolls 

nicholas gifts tinker nikolauslieder

tinker nicolaus gifts with paper rolls

Why does Nicholas only come at night?

tiara tinker tales

Packing presents yourself - playful and creative - this is how a doll can be created 

nicolaus gifts tinker toys

Design your own picture frame and give it away - all family members will be happy to receive it 

nicolaus gifts tinker pencils craft set

Unique and thoroughly personal mug with message 

nicolaus gifts tinker cup print

nicolaus gifts tinker stars

Craftsmen still believe in Nicholas 

nicolaus gifts tinker upcycling ideas

tiara tinker tradition

The lettering of the gifts is important

tinker and label nicholas gifts

tinker nicolaus gifts and put in the shoe

tinker nicolaus gifts

nicholas gifts nikolaus vanilla sugar

Nicholas gifts nikolaeuse from nut