Tea healthy – The healthiest teas in the world

Tea healthy - Which teas are worth trying?

The pharmaceutical industry is important to humanity and its recovery and overall development. Nevertheless, she also bears the blame for a lot. She has launched so many chemical and artificial products that we have slowly forgotten traditional, healthy substances.

Tea healthy - drink tea and stay healthy

tea healthy tea drink cold fight

The pharmaceutical industry ensures the rapid elimination of many disease symptoms and advertises the products very active and almost aggressive. Thus, the old truth fades into the background that healthy food and medicinal herbs have a slower, but lasting healing effect.

Healthy tea - Choose healthy diet and healthy drinks

is tea healthy health lifestyle

If you eat healthy food and medicinal plants regularly, you will hardly need chemical products from the pharmaceutical industry anymore. For example, do you want to know more exactly which are the healthiest teas? You can drink these everyday. Some of these teas are also used as herbs and spices.


From soft birch leaves you can make tea. This is highly recommended for kidney problems. The birch tea detoxifies the body, has a strong dehydrating effect and promotes metabolism. In addition, you can counteract many skin diseases and inflammations. In spring, between March and early May, birch sap is also obtained, which has very beneficial properties.

Make healthy tea from birch leaves

tea healthy birch tea birch leaves healthy food

Drink birch tea

tea healthy birch tea prepare herbal healthy food

nettle tea

The nettle tea is not only very healthy, it is known as an excellent pick-me-up. This tea is used as a remedy and in the prevention of anemia and heavy bleeding. Many gastrointestinal problems can also be positively influenced by this healthy tea. The tea helps with chronic bronchitis. The nettle tea can help a lot with kidney problems.

Nettle tea helps with a number of health problems

tea healthy nettle tea prepare healthy food


All painful and unpleasant conditions associated with the gastrointestinal system can be relieved by regular consumption of sage tea. They can support and positively influence the therapy and the healing processes of the liver and gallbladder. You can also drink sage tea for colds.

Sage tea has a good effect on the gastrointestinal system

tea healthy salty tea drinking health

Fight the cold with the sage tea

preparing tea to drink tea against a cold

Melissa tea

If you are under permanent stress, the tea from Melissa leaves is just right for you. This tea is very healthy, contains many essential oils and is strongly recommended for reassurance. He can relieve irritation. Naturopaths and doctors recommend the daily consumption of lemon balm tea (2 -3 cups per day) for at least 6 weeks.

To drink lemon balm tea for reassurance

preparing tea melissa tea healthy food


One of the healthiest teas is this made from crushed hop cones. The hops tea has an analgesic effect and you can eliminate many inflammations. You thereby promote your digestion and appetite. In addition, the hops tea is very calming when you are under stress. The healthy hop tea also helps you with insomnia and can bring back your good sleep.

Hop tea has a varied health effect on the organism

prepare tea drink tea hops tea healthy

Enjoy a healthy sleep

tea healthy tea effect healthy food

In case of stress you recommend hops tea

tea prepare tea properties stress eliminate healthy food


Another very healthy herbal tea is the mistletoe tea. Regular mistletoe consumption can lower your high blood pressure. This tea has been used since antiquity against epilepsy and hysteria.

Epilepsy and hysteria have been combated by mistletoe tea since antiquity

preparing tea mistletoe healthy healthy diet

We could not present all the most important herbal teas in this article. That's why we want to continue in a second article. Stay tuned, the sequel is coming soon!

Drink herbal tea

is tea healthy healthy food healthy drinks

Enjoy healthy teas

tea healthy nettle tea effect

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