Mosaic in the garden – 13 charming designs with momentum

mosaic in the garden purple blue floral pattern flagstones

Mosaic in the garden

How about a colorful one Mosaic in the garden? In this way you can introduce more dynamism and freshness into the outdoor area with little effort and with residual materials. If you've had a recent renovation or construction job at home, do not throw away the leftover materials too quickly.

Take a look at everything and think about which pieces are still to use. Small pebbles, large flagstones, ceramics, marble or granite - everything can continue to be a valuable use in the design of your Mosaic in the garden to have.

The more different the shapes and the colors, the better. You can then arrange the remainders in groups with similar texture and look. It is best to draw the model that you would like to have as a mosaic. Then put everything on without sticking or fastening. We recommend combining different materials to achieve a structural and color contrast. If everything fits, you can still connect the elements with each other with construction adhesive. The joints are best filled with colored mortar.

 This creates a beautiful tree

mosaic in the garden tree motif green blue

Ceramic tiles are perfect for one Mosaic in the garden. From the tiles you can cut smaller parts with the help of pliers and install them in the desired motifs. Coat the mosaic with clear lacquer for more shine.

You can decorate almost everything in the garden with a beautiful mosaic - the avenues, the garden table or the bench. Decorative swimming pools, borders and wall decoration can also be easily designed. Dare it and decorate your outdoor spaces in a creative, original way.

Artful garden table

mosaic garden colorful table

Southern joie de vivre

mosaic in the garden decoration small pool

A fanciful armchair a la Gaudí

mosaic in the garden imaginative abstract mulch

Unique tile art

mosaic in the garden ornate stand table

Abstract in cool colors

mosaic in the garden celadon green gray stones

Masterful spiral of stones

mosaic in garden spiral stone plates

Filigree stone flowers in purple

mosaic in the garden stone slabs purple stones

Gorgeous step art

mosaic in garden stairs abstract

Border with character

mosaic in the garden colorful stones edge

Wall decoration to admire

mosaic in the garden wall decoration sun fish birds

Curved patterns and fresh flowers

mosaic in the garden wavy pattern